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[Updated] How to get a Samsung CLP-510 to work with Snow Leopard

Update: There's an official driver from Samsung now, you can download it at the Samsung homepage.
Update: Diesen Artikel gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch.
This is a German blog, normally, but I thought I'd write this article in English as it might interest a broader audience than the rest of my stuff.
Ok, let's go: Maybe you have the same problem I had: You are using a Samsung CLP-510 at home, and you just upgraded to Snow Leopard. Then you tried to find a driver for the printer but failed — the current driver from Samsung doesn't work under Snow Leopard, and Apple doesn't deliver a driver for the device.
Here's the solution. It requires some tweaking of system files, and if you plan to do what I did, you should have at least a little experience with stuff like that. I don't guarantee anything, and if you happen to break down your system somewhere on the way, don't blame me. You're doing all that completely at your own risk.
Moreover, I won't do a step-by-step explanation for those who never tweaked any system internals of the OS. If you don't understand everything I'm writing here, you'd better ask someone who does, anyway. Specifically, you'll have to know how to access and copy "hidden" files and directories on your Mac, have at least basic clues about how to use the Terminal, and be able to use a text editor to change a file that might seem rather cryptic to you.
That said, I can present you a nice solution that should work like a charm — it does so for me, at least. There are probably similar ways to get other SPL-C printers to work under Snow Leopard.
  1. Install your printer as a Samsung CLP-610. You won't be able to print with that driver, but we need a file from it.
  2. Install the current Leopard printer driver for the CLP-510. You won't be able to print with that one, either, but again, we need a file from it.
  3. Copy the file /usr/libexec/cups/filter/rastertosplcp to the directory /Library/Printers/Samsung/Filters/ .
  4. Uninstall the Leopard driver, you won't need it anymore (start the installer again and, after you have selected the volume, choose Uninstall).
  5. Open the file /private/etc/cups/ppd/Samsung_CLP_610.ppd with a text editor and do the following changes. Note that linebreaks you might see on the screen don't necessarily resemble linebreaks you have to put into the file. As you are only replacing other lines that look nearly identical, I hope you'll be smart enough to do it right (otherwise just don't!). Line numbers are for the file I have on my system, they might differ if you have another version, but you should be able to find the lines, anyway:
  6. Line 33 starting with "*cupsFilter" must be changed to:

    *cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-raster 0 /Library/Printers/Samsung/Filters/rastertosplcp"
  7. The "Resolution" block starting at line 365 must look as follows: (I kept the original lines in comments (comment sign "*%" at start of line), you might delete them altogether, if you want)

    *% =========================================================
    *%  Resolution
    *% =========================================================
    *OpenUI *Resolution/Quality: PickOne
    *OrderDependency: 10 AnySetup *Resolution
    *%*DefaultResolution: 1200x600dpi
    *DefaultResolution: 600x600dpi
    *%*Resolution 1200x1200dpi/High: "<</HWResolution[600 600] /cupsRowFeed 2 /cupsRowStep 2 /cupsRowCount 1 >>setpagedevice"
    *%*Resolution 1200x600dpi/Normal: "<</HWResolution[600 600] /cupsRowFeed 2 /cupsRowStep 1 /cupsRowCount 1 >>setpagedevice"
    *%*Resolution 600dpi/Draft: "<</HWResolution[600 600] /cupsRowFeed 1 /cupsRowStep 1 /cupsRowCount 1 >>setpagedevice"
    *Resolution 600x600dpi/Normal: "<</HWResolution[600 600] /cupsCompression 1 >>setpagedevice"
    *Resolution 1200x1200dpi/Optimal: "<</HWResolution[600 600] /cupsCompression 2>>setpagedevice"
    *CloseUI: *Resolution
  8. Now execute a sudo killall -HUP cupsd in the Terminal to make cupsd reread its config files.
  9. That's it, you're done. :-)
What I did is basically get the CUPS filter for SPL-C from the old driver and copy the relevant portions of the old PPD to the new one.
Which also shows how easy it would be for Samsung to release their own Snow Leopard driver for the device. But maybe that will come, too — let's hope Samsung hasn't abandoned the older models altogether.
Please note that I won't answer questions asking for a more detailed or "for dummies" description. If you don't understand what you'd have to do, just don't! Show this article to someone who understands it and ask him/her for help.

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  1. Könntest Du diese Anleitung auch in deutsch veröffentlichen? Ich habe genau dieses Druckerproblem und möchte nicht aufgrund meiner ungenauen Übersetzung einen Fehler begehen.

    Beste Grüße

  2. Ok, kann ich machen. Ich bitte aber noch um etwas Geduld, ich bin nicht sicher, ob ich das heute noch schaffe.

  3. Habe doch gleich Zeit gefunden. Link zur deutschen Version oben im Artikel.

  4. This info is cool, but, you can upload the ppd modified file to rapidshare, megaupolad or similar service?.


  5. No, it is copyright protected by Samsung.

  6. Don´t work. When I go to /private/etc/cups/ppd/Samsung_CLP_610.ppd, not found this, the name of my file is Samsung_CLP_510.ppd, but when editing this file the name inside the file is Samsung_CLP_610. That´s Ok ?. I modify this file with your settings and restart cupsd but don´t work. Sorry for my English

  7. ACHTUNG es gibt ab sofort einen offiziellen Treiber von Samsung für den CLP-510 für Snow Leopard.

    Dieser Treiber findet sich aber nicht auf der deutschen Seite von Samsung, sondern auf (Österreich).

    Hier habe ich öfter Treiber für Samsung-Drucker gefunden, welche in Deutschland nicht aufzutreiben waren. Vermutlich liegt es an der Rechtslage im Alpenland, welche den Hersteller dazu verpflichtet entsprechende Treiber eine vorgeschriebene Zeit zu veröffentlichen. Es ist aber nur eine Vermutung von mir.

    Also auf gehen und in der Suche CLP-510 eingeben, dann kommt ein Link zu Treiber für OS X 10.6 als Zip-Datei.

    Downloaden, Installieren und System neu starten.

    Ich habe gerade damit eine Seite gedruckt.

    Viel Erfolg

  8. Nicht nur in Österreich, auch in Deutschland kann man jetzt einen offiziellen Treiber herunterladen, vmtl überall. Alles klar, werde den Post updaten.

  9. @Luis: There's an official driver now. You can download it from the Samsung homepage.